How to Harpon Big Blue!

Let us begin.

Content Handler URL
  • editLayout : “ibm.portal.Content”
  • MainPage: “wps.content.root”
  • editPageProperties : “ibm.portal.Page Properties”,
  • assignRoles : “ibm.portal.Resource Permissions”,
  • editAppProperties: “ibm.portal.Template and Application Properties”,
  • editAppLayout: “ibm.portal.Template and Application Layout”,
  • assignAppRoles: “ibm.portal.Application Roles”,
  • assignAppMembers: “ibm.portal.Application Membership”,
  • showAppPolicyStatus: “ibm.portal.Policy Status”
  • hiddenPages: “ibm.portal.HiddenPages”
Downloading wps.content.root
List of Backend Users
Access Level
Friendly Path WebSphere Portal
Congratulation Message
Error Creating User!ut/p/digest!KUVNi3mCXU3yrSbamw858g/model/service-document/?locale=en
Service Document
Prompted for Username and Password
Delete Content
Finding Admins
Search for Users to Impersonate
History Cropper




I submit bugs and now you can too!

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Clark Voss

Clark Voss

I submit bugs and now you can too!

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